Seri Nabeshima

Chief Global Officer

CDO Club Japan

Board of Directors, Chief Global Officer, Association of CDO Club Japan.
Graduate BA Law from Aoyama Gakuin University, Postgraduate in Geopolitics and Energy Policy from University College London in 2016. Joined Digital and Disruptive Technology Unit, PwC Japan Consulting Company after doing Global Research on smart cities and technologies in the electricity industry at the International Affairs Office, Tokyo Electric Power Company. Founder of the think tank Nabeshima Strategy Institute.

As the Chief Global Officer at the Association of CDO Club Japan, she interviews Chief Digital/Data Officers, researches global emerging technology and reports this information in various media forms such as article columns, keynote speeches and TV. She also has a strong passion for human resource education, cooperating with overseas business schools such as Cambridge Judge Business School and Columbia Business School in order to create innovation in Japan