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Data Partner

Thinknum enables corporations to generate differentiated insights and make better decisions rooted in external data. As companies move online, new data trails are being created that allow corporations to track the business operations of their competitors daily. Thinknum indexes all of these real-time data trails using proprietary machine-learning techniques in a user-friendly platform specifically created for business/data analysts at corporations.

Media Partner

The BayPay Forum, a Silicon Valley-based international network composed of over 14,000 payment and commerce executives, entrepreneurs and investors from thousands of different companies, serves as a forum to connect members in identifying and understanding the emerging trends and innovations in the industry. More details here:

Impact Partner

Dropsource is ushering in the next generation of mobile application development platforms. Our low code platform empowers digital leaders and enterprise developers to build powerful, data-driven and truly native mobile apps. With seamless data integration for your enterprise systems and a powerful drag-and-drop UI, Dropsource allows developers of all skill levels to rapidly prototype, build, deploy, and maintain enterprise mobile applications without sacrificing quality or performance, and in a fraction of the time of yesterday’s methods.

Media Partner

Industry Events brings together the world’s business events including conferences, trade fairs, conventions, webinars, networking events and training courses to make it easier for people to network and attend relevant events and make the most out of their business travel.

Through the App, users receive a live customized feed of the events, training courses and industry news relevant to them from a choice of over 350 trending sectors.  People can share events socially, connect with fellow delegates and register for events with ease.

Any professional event and training course can be added to Industry Events for free at

Featured Partner

The IBM Digital Business Group was formed to enable customers on their path to becoming a Cloud and Cognitive business. IBM Digital Business Group has the mission to provide all individuals with an exceptional digital experience by making cloud and cognitive solutions easy to access and consume. The group is responsible for designing and building world-class digital platforms and offerings that enable innovation inside the enterprise and for all individuals who want to have an impact on the world. For more information, visit

Tech Partner

Bau-Box is a near shore software development agency born in Yucatan, México in 2005.

We are a team of creative professionals working with international clients on projects ranging from mobile apps, websites, complete software solutions to Samsung Smart TV Apps.

Divided over two locations, our services also include consulting, concept development, graphic design and technical support.

Having worked on hundreds of projects over the years we are especially proud to be part of this great event that is the CDO Summit.

Transformation Partner

The Shipyard is a leading, independent marketing consultancy and the world’s first “marketing engineering” agency. From brand development to search engine optimization and social media marketing, we use data and analytics to generate results.

Optimization Partner

Optimizely is the world’s leader in customer experience optimization, allowing businesses to dramatically drive up the value of their digital products, commerce and campaigns through its best in class experimentation software platform. By replacing digital guesswork with evidence-based results, Optimizely enables product and marketing professionals to accelerate innovation, lower the risk of new features, and drive up the return on investment from digital by up to 10X. Over 26 of the Fortune 100 companies choose Optimizely to power their global digital experiences. Optimizely’s impressive customer list includes eBay, FOX, IBM, The New York Times and many more global enterprises. To learn more, visit

Analytics Partner

BERG Analytics takes artificial intelligence to a level never before seen in the world of analytics by providing real-time predictive and prescriptive solutions to optimize patient treatments and improve population health. Our innovative machine learning platform, bAIcis®, uses powerful artificial intelligence technology to deliver new insights and, with our skilled and experienced team, promote best practices to dramatically reduce adverse events and readmissions, while supporting value based care initiatives. BERG Analytics provides healthcare stakeholders with Actionable Patient Intelligence™ to support the drive for better outcomes for healthcare companies and the patients they serve.

Presenting Partner

IXI (Innovation Exchange) is an AI-based Talent Platform that matches C-suite executives with targeted opportunities. The platform creates pre-vetted “short lists” of candidates that allow us to source and place candidates rapidly for even the most challenging leadership roles quickly, without sacrificing candidate quality. For more information, visit

Media Partner

ODBMS.ORG — The Resource Portal for Big Data, New Data Management Technologies and Data Science. The portal and the associated ODBMS Industry Watch Blog offer free resources on Big Data, Data Management and Data Science, both from the technological and the business/societal perspectives.

Governance Partner

Collibra is true data governance.

It’s a cross-organizational data governance platform that delivers openness and freedom. It breaks down traditional data silos and opens up organizational data so all users can find the data they need, collaborate on it, and easily understand its meaning. Most of all, Collibra enables all data citizens to trust the data. Trust in the data is what unlocks its full potential to drive competitive advantage. Who wouldn’t want that? After all, it’s your data.

VIP Network Partner

With Sansan’s technology, you can effortlessly organize your company’s contacts into a convenient digital database, simply using business cards. By scanning in the office with the Sansan Scanner Set, or while out in the field with the Sansan mobile app, your employees can input all the contacts they meet, providing your company with a powerful and permanent resource.

Analytics Partner

R Systems is a global technology and analytics services organization. We help our clients across industries, by delivering on the promise of digital transformation.